Ok, this is my opportunity to tell you that I'm the most fascinating, interesting, funny, intelligent person you'll ever meet!

...however my parents brought me up to tell the truth, so completely ignore that first line and read the following instead!

I'm Steve, I'm 30 years old and I'm South Yorkshire through and through. I was born in Mexborough and grew up in and around Barnsley and the Dearne Valley.

I left The Dearne High School (the old Dearneside Comp) in 1998 with dreams of working in radio, six years after I'd made my first appearance on Hallam FM in 1992 at the baby age of 10! I'd written to the Programme Director of the time, a great guy called Steve King, insisting he could do a lot worse than employ me to host "Whitey's After-School Show" for kids!! He was so impressed by the cheek that he at least invited me in to spend the morning with the Breakfast Show Team who even let me loose on the air (albeit for just a few seconds!) - I have to admit it does feel a bit weird now working in that very same studio every day.

I live in Barnsley but know Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster inside out. I love watching football every weekend - as for my chosen team? I'm sure that's something that will be revealed in time...

I regularly go to the gym. One day I'm sure I'll progress to actually doing something once I'm there.

Nickname: Whitey
Star sign: Aquarius
Hobbies: Does sleep count? ...OK, Football, Music, Socialising... and Sleep
Most annoying habit: Nail Biting!! To the point of blood at times, and I never learn!
Favourite place in South Yorkshire: Home! Predictable, but true!
Favourite song: Next Question, Not possible, Too many!! (That IS a song title, not a cop out answer! Honest! Look it up!)
Favourite TV show: Only Fools & Horses, Life On Mars, Ashes To Ashes, Celeb Come Dine With Me (Has to be celeb edition!) I appreciate this doesn't quite count as ONE favourite!!
Favourite film: Dumb And Dumber, Kes - still one of the most beautifully made films over 40 years on
Favourite food: Indian
Most embarrassing moment: Using the phrase Bank Holiday Weekend on the radio. The letters W and B got mixed up. I'll let you work out the rest.
Bliss is... Sun, Beach, Cocktail
3 words that best describe you: Bit too honest...
I’d love to meet: David Jason - comedy genius!
I never want to meet: My Maker
Super power you would most like to have: The ability to watch a two hour film in two minutes...