Tuesday: Did you hear our £10,000 winner?

Tuesday:  Did you hear our £10,000 winner?

This morning just after 8 o'clock Big John put 5 people on hold and the computer randomly selected our £10,000 winner.  Can you imagine being on the other end of the phone and hearing your name?  It's a life changing amount of money and this morning Gary Owen found out that he was better off by thousands of pounds.  He's a taxi driver from Intake and his son is getting married in Vegas in a couple of years and it looks like that money is going to come in very handy. 

This was the moment he found out he won!


Well done Gary!!


It's Producer James birthday today and Big John has showered him with gifts, kind of ....  He gave him a book he lent him, lent him his whole Breaking Bad series and gave him a bottle of wine he was given for turning the Meadowhall Christmas lights on 10 years ago.  Apparently they wrap that one up and pass it between them all the time.  Happy Birthday James!


Have a lovely day,


Janine x

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