Thursday: Imagine finding £3000? Would you hand it in?

Thursday:  Imagine finding £3000?  Would you hand it in?

Have you ever found some cash?  Where was it?  What did you do?  Bus driver Richard had an amazing story.  He was conducting the 288 at the time and when all of his passengers got off he did his usual checks.  You can imagine how shocked he was when he found an envelope with three grand in!  It took days for a lady to come into the bus depo and claim it.  She put it in her back pocket and it fell out onto the back seat when she was on the way to buy a car.  She's lucky that he found it.  Thanks for all your calls.  James in Woodhouse had a good find and if you missed it listen again after 6.


What have you and your mates been chatting about in the pub, on Facebook, Twitter and what's been happening in the news this week?  We round the week up on Friday with the Top 5 things people have been talking about the most in South Yorkshire.  Call us with your suggestions from 8 tomorrow.


Janine x

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