I’m Janine and I LOVE Sheffield and I’ve partied here for over a decade in the likes of Gatecrasher, Bed (when it was called that) and I like having a few shandies in the Graze Inn on Eccy Road and The Forum too. I like going to the dogs at Owlerton Stadium on Boxing Day. My drinking fact is that I can drink Big John under the table hands down (he's a 4 pint wonder.)

Normal things about me: I love my pals, LOVE music and pretty much any food apart from olives and carrots. I’m a big film fan thriller, horror, comedy not forgetting the chick flicks. I hate to be predictable but I’m a big fan of Bridget Jones and I did work on shopping telly for a company called Sit Up too. Am I her?  It did take me 7 years to get my fella to propose.

Weird things about me: I’ve got very flat feet and can spread my toes apart and my boyfriend calls them monkey hands, I’m double jointed and can bend my finger right back and my belly button looks like it’s got a piece of chewing gum stuck in it. 

Nicknames: J9 – it’s Janine without the ‘a’. Janners to all my pals in Sheffield and I have been known to be called Janinio too.