Hallam FM and Magic AM’s Cash for Kids 2012 grant round took place in June 2012, the Local Exec Board met to review the hundreds of grant applications and decide where the funds would be distributed. Below are just some of the organisations/children we were able to help.

Tots to Tens Soft Play Centre

The aim of this project is to provide all children with the opportunity to enjoy soft play and socialise with their peers. Creating a stimulating, exciting play environment that will support their development. To create supportive groups targeting children with hearing and sight impairments in a non-threatening environment that meets their needs as well as those of their siblings. Thus giving parents and carers the opportunity to support each other and relax whilst their children engage in activities. Cash for Kids funded play equipment for the play centre.

Home Start Sheffield

Home-start offers a unique service. They recruit and train volunteers to visit families at home who have at least one child under 5. Their aim is to help give children the best possible start in life, by supporting parents to grow in confidence , develop and strengthen their relationship with their children. On occasion volunteers may offer to assist families by transporting them to appointments with their children, in order to do that the family must supply and fit their own car seat. Unfortunately many families cannot afford their own car seats and are reliant on public transport so can’t make use of this help. Cash for Kids funded car seats to be used by these families to help make their life’s easier.


Joshua has autism and Cash for Kids funded intensive play therapy used to teach him social interaction skills to promote his life chances and independence, also to enable him to form friendships, speech and language. Initially Joshua was nonverbal he can now say over 1000 words and he is beginning to communicate using small sentences.


William has a rare chromosomal deletion and previous symptomatic west syndrome with visual and hearing impairment and sensory issues. He has no independent mobility and lacks volitional ability to move in and out of position, therefore requires specialist equipment for postural management and repositioning. The family do a lot of outdoor activities and camping but William sometimes has to stay with his grandparents as his wheelchair is not suitable for off road tracks. Cash for Kids funded a buggy which will allow all the family to enjoy time together for many years to come.

Doncaster rape and sexual abuse counselling service

The service provides counselling, advocacy, telephone helpline and consultancy to men, women and children who have suffered rape and/or sexual abuse in Doncaster. The children are aged 7 – 18 years old they use a variety of therapeutic methods to meet the individual needs of the children. They have suffered the most unthinkable acts, which motivate us to support these innocent children to recover from their experiences and provide them with the best possible opportunities to make positive life choices. Cash for Kids were able to fund therapy equipment.


Lilly’s sight is deteriorating, and she has epilepsy and autism alongside her chromosome condition of 17q21.31microdeletion syndrome, this leaves her with many problems as well as being globally delayed. However when she uses a sensory room, her speech and other areas improve. If she uses them on a daily basis she is much better, but if this stops, then she deteriorates again. Therefore Cash for Kids were able to fund equipment for a sensory room.